Announcing The Voiceover Summit

The Voiceover Summit

is a 3-day virtual education event that will help artist launch and grow their voiceover career safely and quickly.

Founder of Center for Vocal Health, Dr. Reena Gupta, joined with vocologist, Mindy Pack, to create The Svara Project. This organization is dedicated to artist health, safety and advocacy through education and outreach. Over nearly a decade, they have developed succesful virtual and in-person educational events that have helped artists thrive in their career. They believe that knowledge and education lead to self-advocacy, a key element to vocal safety.

They launched The Voiceover Summit this year as a virtual event to maintain safety in the time of COVID-19 while still pushign forward their agenda of vocal health education and training. For this event, they’ve partnered with voiceover artist, Cissy Jones, to bring comprehensive, actionable content, catered to the voiceover artist.


To find out more, and to register for this innovative conference, click here.