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The Center for Vocal Health is a medical, surgical, health, and wellness center that provides elite, complete care for the professional voice user. Our center is uniquely focused on providing comprehensive, specialized services for voice users. After your complete medical evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan that incorporates innovative, customized, effective therapies that integrate holistic and whole-body care. Our process ensures that your voice will recover and thrive, and you’ll also enjoy the experience.

Medical Evaluation

Complete vocal care requires a full assessment of your health and an evaluation of other medical conditions that may affect your voice.

This is a complex process that requires a physician with specialized knowledge and experience in recognizing, treating, and caring for the professional voice. Early voice injury is subtle and may be missed by doctors who are not laryngologists. This may allow the injury to progress, which can result in permanent damage.

  • Your Medical History – Including Medications and Other Medical Problems
  • History of Your Voice Symptoms
  • Evaluation of the Sound of Your Voice During Vocal Task Testing and Singing Samples
  • A Thorough Examination Including Videostroboscopy to Get a Complete Picture of Your Vocal Health


No matter your diagnosis, treatment is always conservative and tailored to your individual needs. Dr. Gupta never pressures anyone into surgery, and surgery is the last resort for injuries that do not respond to more conservative treatment. However, if you do require an operation, you will benefit from Dr. Gupta’s vast experience helping professional voice artists return to performing within weeks of their surgical procedure.

Laryngeal Manipulation

Laryngeal manipulation was innovated as a combination of mobilization, manual adjustment, and massage of the laryngeal and paralaryngeal area. Patients should first have an examination by a laryngologist to determine candidacy and appropriateness of therapy. Laryngeal manipulation is performed in a medical setting to ensure patient safety and a high quality of care.

Laryngeal manipulation can:

  • reduce laryngeal/voice pain
  • reduce laryngeal tension
  • improve vocal function
  • increase vocal range and stamina
  • reduce tongue pain and tension

Laryngeal manipulation should only be done by a clinician with expertise in laryngeal anatomy and diseases of the head and neck. Dr. Gupta is a trained head and neck surgeon and has done additional study and training in manual techniques of the head and neck. In collaboration with therapy, this can relieve voice symptoms with manual techniques and medical therapies but should not be applied to every patient.


Voice therapy and rehabilitation is a sub-specialty of speech-language pathology that reflects a deeper understanding of voice and voice injury. At Center for Vocal Health, you will have access to the best specialists in voice rehabilitation and singing and voice recovery. Many of our patients require voice therapy, and by utilizing a close, vetted team of professionals, we can monitor your progress, make quick adjustments, and help you attain an optimal outcome.

Coaching/Performance Optimization

Many professional voice users benefit from vocal coaching and performance optimization. Coaching and optimizing your performance voice is akin to personal training for an athlete. It allows you to train and improve your vocal technique and better prepares you for a performance or presentation. Vocal strength, endurance, and ability are honed through lessons. The Center for Vocal Health incorporates vocal coaching and performance optimization as one of our ultra-specialized services.

Consultation & Evaluation

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint. Dr. Gupta, and every member of our caring team, is here to assess your voice and obtain a complete picture of your vocal health. The first step is a complete evaluation of your overall health and your vocal history. We use singing and other vocal tasks to understand your specific problem. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to look at your vocal cords. The data we collect helps us create a proposed treatment plan and solution. Rest assured, Dr. Gupta’s years of experience result in a painless examination and accurate interpretation of the results.

Off-Site Treatment

Many of our patients work irregular hours in the studio or have tight work schedules that make it difficult to see a doctor. Some prefer the private setting of their home or workplace. We understand these challenges and value your privacy and time, but not at the expense of the best care. If you are interested in high-quality, offsite evaluation and treatment, contact us to schedule an off-site care visit with Dr. Gupta that helps you access high-quality care that ensures the best vocal outcome.