About Center for Vocal Health

Your Experience

Our patient-centered philosophy is simple: to provide you with exceptional, customized, individualized services while ensuring you are comfortable and educated about the recommendations.

From the moment you arrive at Center for Vocal Health, you’ll feel welcome and reassured, knowing the very best vocal care professionals in the industry are taking care of you. Because we limit our practice to providing complete attention to professional voice users, we have a deep understanding of your treatment needs. Our team goes above and beyond to address your voice care requirements with a relaxing office atmosphere, individualized attention, and unparalleled concern for your vocal health success.

Your Voice is More than Your Livelihood…It’s Your Life

The Best in Voice Medicine for the Performing Artist

Collaborative, Custom-Tailored Support

Dr. Reena Gupta is the founder and head physician at the Center for Vocal Health. She is a Laryngologist/Vocal Surgeon and Ear, Nose, and Throat physician who has devoted her career to caring for professional voice users.

She strongly believes in advocating for vocal health and designing treatment plans that enable vocal professionals to thrive in their careers. At your first visit, you will have a complete assessment, including videostroboscopy, where Dr. Gupta will provide a treatment plan that thoroughly addresses your unique voice problems. And, every subsequent visit will include information, guidance, and services that set you towards the path of vocal recovery.

Comprehensive Care

Center for Vocal Health brings you the best in medical, surgical, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services, making your care focused and cohesive.

There is no other treatment center in the world that offers the same high-level, compassionate, comprehensive attention to the professional voice. Our unique blend of voice-specific products and services allows you to obtain top-notch diagnostics, treatment planning, and expert care from a professional team that focuses solely on serving professional voice users. If you rely on optimal vocal health for your livelihood, you’ve found the right place.